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An extensive background in design means we are well qualified to interpret your brief. We work in collaboration with you to find the best ways to satisfy your needs and requirements, both practically and visually. This process is aided by frequent consultation and computer aided visualization.

Though we have a distinct style no two projects are the same and we are always looking for the things that make the projects special. At the end of the design process we will produce a series of drawings for you to sign off before proceeding to the manufacturing stage.




We take the signed off drawings and develop them into a full set of manufacturing drawings. We use a digital manufacturing technique to cut the components with a very high degree of accuracy.

These components are then assembled and finished by hand.  The final step involves carefully and repeatedly sanding and coating each piece with hard wax oil to create a durable and high quality finish.



Because of the very precise details we use in the design and manufacture of our furniture, we feel we are best placed to do the installation. When complete we inspect the whole installation with you to ensure that it is defect free and ready for final sign off.