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Our furniture is constructed from European FSC certified birch plywood with a hardwood veneer finish. Working in plywood gives us freedom.  We can use traditional jointing techniques and explore a range of details that would otherwise not be possible in inferior materials. Our high quality plywood cabinets are extremely strong and so allow us to push boundaries in terms of design and scale. Ply is a beautiful material and so we let it show by exposing the cut edges.  


We finish the birch core on both sides with a hardwood veneer.  Hardwood veneers reinforce the cut edges of the plywood, making the whole piece more durable. We work with you to find the right timber species for your project and you can even choose the actual log in person at our veneer suppliers warehouse in London. 


We finish each piece with multiple coats of hand applied hard wax oil. Hard wax oil soaks into the grain of the wood and helps reinforce the fibres, creating a very tough and resilient finish. Classed as food safe and moisture resistant, it is a suitable finish for kitchen and bathroom furniture.

Door Finishes

Doors can be made from either spray lacquered panels in any colour or in laminate faced plywood. Each has its own particular aesthetic and we can help the client to decide which one will suit their needs best. 


We only use the best materials, sustainably sourced. All our timber products are from FSC certified forests. Most importantly of all, our furniture is made to last a lifetime, thus making it truly sustainable.