Uncommon Projects creates bespoke plywood furniture. We provide a complete service through design, manufacture and installation. All of our products are designed and made in London as we believe maintaining the close relationship between manufacture and the creative process is paramount to ensuring quality and consistency. Also, we like it here and we’re proud to be producing locally. 

Uncommon Projects is not a traditional joinery company. The majority of our work is produced in high quality hardwood veneered plywood. Our style is informed by an honest approach to the materials, functionality and visual balance. This gives our products a unique and distinct identity. 

With every new project we try to think outside the box. Approaching every new brief from a fresh perspective; we innovate where necessary and work with the client to find the solution that is right for them.

The company was founded by James Hoy and Alan Drumm in 2011. Alan is a professionally qualified architect with 14 years experience working in the commercial and residential market. Having studied Fine Art, James became a product designer in the toy industry. The creative strength of this partnership comes from the different perspectives their design backgrounds give them.